Rocky Doge — Token of the Champs

Rocky Doge: For the Community By the Community

Rocky Doge was developed by a collective of people who were tired of losing money. Who were tired of bots stealing the profits that should rightfully go to the community. Who were tired of seeing the community be flooded by scams honeypots and rugs. Instead of waiting for a solution, the team behind Rocky Doge decided to take matters into their own hands. Rocky Doge is the first coin to launch not on empty promises or future plans. Instead of teasing people to keep their interest going we decided to launch after we developed what the community needs.

Rocky Doge has an extensive list of anti bot measures and blacklists built already into the contract.

The team also burned 50% of the total supply cutting the circulating supply by half. This ensures that no single entity including the team has no major power over any aspect of the token. Making this a truly decentralized token.

Not only that, for every sale transaction 4% is added to liquidity and 3% is sent to marketing making it one of the lowest sell tax tokens ever. This also means even when only 50% of the maximum supply of Rocky Doge will ever be available at launch, the amount of tokens in circulation reduces exponentially with every sale transaction while the value of tokens every holder has increases exponentially.

Rocky Doge team knows that not everyone is a crypto expert or experienced with Decentralized Exchanges. Therefore instead of giving just a contract address and telling the community how to buy, Rocky Doge team integrated the UniSwap exchange interface directly into the website, already pre setup for exchanging ethereum to Rocky Doge and vice versa.

Simply put, Rocky Doge is a token for the champions. the ones who get up and fight even after being knocked down. For the ones who never give up in their path to profits. The ones who hold and reap the gains.

Rocky Doge — The Token Of the Champs 💰 !!

The crypto token for the Winners. The Diamond hands. Don’t fall for Scams. Contract will be published at launch 💛💰